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Role Play Rules Empty Role Play Rules

Post  Horrid Angel on Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:43 am


1. Respect all members

2. Mature content is allowed, Ex: Minimum swearing

3. Sexual content is prohibited; Violators will be left for Horrid Angel to deal with. However, romance is allowed and somewhat encouraged. Remember, it's the sex that's not allowed, not the fact that a character had it.

4. Starting fights will result in a warning, Continuing to violate this rule and it will result in a ban.

5. Got a problem with an admin or member come to Horrid Angel or Sheriff Apples about it.

6. Keep the drama away or else its a warning then ban.

7. Refrain from Metagaming, which is using Out of Character information In Character.

8. No Godmodding, which is where your character cant die or get injured in any way

9. Make sure you have submitted your character to the Character Database

10. Ask an Admin if you need any help

11. Grimdark is allowed only when you put [Grimdark] or [Mature] in the start of your topic's title (Any questions about this, Consult Horrid Angel)

12. Have fun!

*Rules by Sheriff Apples(Brother Manard)*
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